Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Gunawan Jusuf, Sugar Group CEO, Knows the Value of Leadership

Gunawan Jusuf

Ever since was made the Chief Executive Officer, Gunawan Jusuf has managed to create enormous growth of the Sugar Group Companies, even though it isn’t actually a single entity, but rather a collective group of independent companies that grow and refine sugar for the manufacture of many popular products that are sold all over Indonesia, the Sugar Group is the mastermind behind Gulaku, a premium commercial refined sugar product that is among the most iconic food products in all of Indonesia.

That is only one of many popular products produced by the Sugar Group Companies. And if there is one thing a major sugar company needs in abundance, it is one of the most precious and important resources on Earth; water.Gunawan Jusuf understands better than most that a steady and easily available supply of fresh water is essential to business survival, as well as the survival of the species. That is why Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published his book, “Blue Gold,” several years ago. The book contains a very frank discussion of the various problems the world faces that are related to the relative scarcity of water, as well as its considerable value. Water is undoubtedly our most important and precious commodity. All natural resources are important to every aspect of our lives, as well as our personal and business survival.