Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Buku Blue Gold, ditulis oleh Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf

Indonesia telah mengalami penurunan sumber daya air bersih yang signifikan dan kurangnya bantuan untuk memulihkan masalah ini. Gunawan Jusuf memperhatikan dilema ini di negaranya dan memutuskan bahwa ia perlu bertindak. CEO Sugar Group Companies ini melepas topi kepemimpinannya dan menggantinya dengan seorang penulis. Jusuf terjun secara mendalam ke dalam pengelolaan sumber daya air di Indonesia untuk pembuatan bukunya yang disebut Blue Gold. Dalam teks ini, ia memeriksa segi-segi mulai dari tindakan pemerintah hingga masalah irigasi yang berasal dari perkebunan negara. Karya Jusuf yang ditulis adalah karya ringkas yang secara komprehensif membahas kekurangan air bersih Indonesia dan juga mencatat cara-cara untuk meningkatkan dari atas ke bawah kepada warga. Gunawan Jusuf menerbitkan bukunya pada Januari 2016, berbagi 176 halaman detail dan gambar dengan pembaca yang tertarik.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Gunawan Jusuf, Sugar Group CEO, Knows the Value of Leadership

Gunawan Jusuf

Ever since was made the Chief Executive Officer, Gunawan Jusuf has managed to create enormous growth of the Sugar Group Companies, even though it isn’t actually a single entity, but rather a collective group of independent companies that grow and refine sugar for the manufacture of many popular products that are sold all over Indonesia, the Sugar Group is the mastermind behind Gulaku, a premium commercial refined sugar product that is among the most iconic food products in all of Indonesia.

That is only one of many popular products produced by the Sugar Group Companies. And if there is one thing a major sugar company needs in abundance, it is one of the most precious and important resources on Earth; water.Gunawan Jusuf understands better than most that a steady and easily available supply of fresh water is essential to business survival, as well as the survival of the species. That is why Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published his book, “Blue Gold,” several years ago. The book contains a very frank discussion of the various problems the world faces that are related to the relative scarcity of water, as well as its considerable value. Water is undoubtedly our most important and precious commodity. All natural resources are important to every aspect of our lives, as well as our personal and business survival.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Gunawan Jusuf Understands Natural Resources and Water and Even Wrote About It

Gunawan Jusuf

Just a few years back, Gunawan Jusuf wrote and published a book entitled “Blue Gold” in early 2016 because he is concerned over the sustainability of natural resource use. His book features a very honest discussion of the immense importance of water, as well as its relative scarcity and high value. Not only does Gunawan Jusuf understand better than most that water as our most important and precious commodity, but he has many ideas on how to use it sustainably.

Given his business background, few understand the value of water better than Gunawan Jusuf. The highly regarded Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf oversees more than just a single sugar company, but rather a collective of independent companies that grow and refine sugar for the purposes of manufacturing many sugar products, including a number that are enormously popular. These companies dot the Indonesian landscape, with plantations and refineries, as well as about a dozen offices that are located all over the country. From his position as CEO, Gunawan Jusuf has nurtured an atmosphere capable of producing enormous growth in many of their products, not the least of which is Gulaku, a premium refined sugar product with a brand that has become one of the best known in Indonesia.

That is not the only product, however; it just happens to be the best known. The Sugar Group Companies actually features a number of other popular products. Getting every business under that umbrella to work in concert to reach the goals of the overall company easily has to be the most incredible accomplishment of Gunawan Jusuf’s long career as the company’s leader. While most executives would be intimidated by such conditions, Gunawan embraces and makes the best of them.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Sugar Group Companies Executive Gunawan Jusuf Gets The Job Done

Gunawan Jusuf

Despite the obvious hurdles that Gunawan Jusuf has has to overcome, the organization has been able to generate healthy growth for a wide variety of sugar products, not the least of which is Gulaku, a premium, commercial, refined sugar product that has grown into a household name all over Indonesia. This is impressive, since Gunawan Jusuf is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sugar Group Companies, which is actually a collection of independent businesses that must work together as part of a larger group. Every business works in concert, so as to reach the goals of the overall company.

When one considers his business background, Gunawan Jusuf has a unique understanding of how important water and other natural resources can be to life and business. That is why no one should have been surprised anyone when Sugar Group Companies CEO Gunawan Jusuf published a book about water recently. The book is entitled “Blue Gold,” and it documents the relative scarcity and the high value of water as the most important and precious commodity in the world.

His perspective comes from his obvious ability to make sure that every element of the operation works together, including every employee, subsidiary company and each of the various office, plantations and refinery plants are all working together that marks Gunawan Jusuf's greatest accomplishment as Sugar Group Companies' leader. That is a great record. In fact, it is impossible to do without making sure that every employee, subsidiary company and the various offices and plants are all working together in perfect synchronization. That is what marks the leadership provided by Gunawan Jusuf.